Wrongly fitting fillings can make you psychotic, is this true?

Answer NICE QUESTION...Filling in general are a bad deal. As you grow and change, they stay the same. Imagine stuffing a hole with concrete. Then shrinking the whole by 25%. How would that feel in your he... Read More »

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Im getting the wires for my braces tomorrow and few hours later cavity fillings will the fillings hurt...?

The cavity filling generally doesn't hurt any and the braces and the filling probably won't have any effect on each other. You probably have spacers so it's not uncommon for a tooth to get a bit lo... Read More »

I got silver fillings the other day. I don't like them and want to change to white fillings. Options?

You could go back and pay them to replace with white fillings. Of course, white fillings are strictly inferior in back teeth because they are not as strong and leak (causing more cavities).

Do you have mercury fillings or nice white fillings?

Since I still get my dental care free on the NHS my filling is a mercury one. I don't really mind though, it's in a molar right at the back of my mouth so you can't see. And it does it's job.

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