Writting exercises....?

Answer you could buy a writing booklet and have him mimic your letters, but the problem with having childern write things over and over and over is that they become bored and frustrated with themselves wh... Read More »

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Writting in sony vegas?

Find whatever font (writing style) you would like to use. try for example. Unzip it and install the font. That font will then show up in vegas and you can use it.Happy editing!

Device specifically for writting.?

like a netbook with word? That'd be my choice if you wanted it to be compact. You can get really good ones for the same price and size as a tablet. They tend to have decent battery lives too :]

Can i do isolation exercises as well as compound exercises in my workout?

There's no reason why you can't add isolation exercises to your program. The reason that your biceps are lagging is because you're not doing any exercises that specifically target them--you have se... Read More »

Has fox network asked the writers to continue writting?