Writing Thesis Ideas?

Answer When pondering thesis ideas to complete a master's degree related to writing, you can decide to analyze a writer, literary period, literary genre, literary theory, or theme among other possibilities.

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Basics of Thesis Writing?

Writing your thesis is one of the most important tasks you face while pursuing a post-graduate degree. A strong thesis demonstrates your ability to hypothesize, research, survey, think creatively a... Read More »

Writing an Essay Thesis?

A thesis statement is a mini-essay or argument in and of itself. The primary task of a thesis statement is to catch the interest of the reader and convince him or her that your essay has something ... Read More »

Principles of Thesis Writing?

Undertaking the dreaded thesis is daunting, intimidating and just about every other big word that means scary. A thesis is comparable to a novel in scope and can take many months, years or even dec... Read More »

Abstracts in Thesis Writing?

By strict definition, a thesis is a theory expressed as a conclusive statement. The term "thesis" is also used to refer to a paper written to fulfill the requirements of a graduate degree program. ... Read More »