Writing Activities for Higher Level Thinkers in Middle School?

Answer After entering middle school, students move from memorization to interpretation. Higher level thinking means applying knowledge to real-world situations and learning to think in the abstract, as op... Read More »

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Reading and Writing Activities for Middle School and High School?

Once students are in grades four and above, the focus of school changes from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." During middle school and high school, activities that integrate reading and wr... Read More »

Spanish Activities for the Middle School Level?

Many middle schools around the country start to teach students Spanish. Besides the new vocabulary, the drills and practicing reading in Spanish, teacher try to enhance the classroom experience by ... Read More »

Persuasive Writing Activities for Middle School?

Persuasive writing attempts to convince someone of a writer's point of view or to change his behavior. Writers can choose from a wide range of topics, but sometimes the most persuasive arguments co... Read More »

Middle School Narrative-Writing Activities?

The primary way narrative writing is taught to students is through creative-writing exercises. Creative writing not only helps children develop their skills of composition, it also gives them an op... Read More »