Writing Activities for Elementary Teachers?

Answer Since writing is an essential form not only of self-expression but of communication, it is important for elementary school teachers to foster an environment of encouragement, practice and good inst... Read More »

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Fun Classroom Activities for Elementary Teachers?

For students in elementary school it is important that learning be fun. A good way to keep students interested in the classroom material is to mix up learning plans with classroom games. There are ... Read More »

Elementary Math Activities for Teachers?

Math is a hard subject for many students. Find ways to make it more intriguing by using elementary math activities to encourage children to enjoy math and play with numbers. Use flash cards, playin... Read More »

Kindergarten Writing Activities for Teachers?

Young learners acquire many basic skills during kindergarten. Much of the time in this first year of school is spent learning the basics of writing. By starting simple and gradually increasing acti... Read More »

Fun Activities for Principals to Begin a Staff Meeting for Elementary Teachers?

After a day of teaching the bundles of energy that are elementary school students, few teachers really look forward to sitting in a staff meeting. Starting meetings with activities can help you as ... Read More »