Writing Activities for Ages 2 & 3?

Answer While two- and three-year-old's may not be able to actually write, they certainly can be presented with activities that encourage writing development. At this age, children should be presented with... Read More »

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Art Activities to Do for Ages 5 to 10?

Children ages 5 through 10 can stretch their creativity if they are provide with new and exciting art projects that keep their minds active. Because there are so many different types of art activit... Read More »

Classroom Activities for Ages 1-3?

Children ages 1 to 3 are no longer infants or babies. They are in that energetic and curious "toddler" stage, often characterized by short attention spans. They are beginning to want to do things o... Read More »

Fun Family Activities for All Ages?

Whether you're a stay-at-home parent looking for ways to occupy the children or a busy executive looking for ways to reconnect with your family on the weekends, it can sometimes be a challenge to f... Read More »

Science Activities for Ages 10-12?

Most children and preteens love science activities. Not only are many of them messy and fun, but learning about the scientific rules that govern our world is genuinely interesting to most young pup... Read More »