Writing Activities & Lessons?

Answer Everyone has a story to tell. Creative writing allows students to explore voice and style while getting involved in the writing process. Allow for creativity and story development to come from the... Read More »

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Lessons & Activities on Writing Sentences?

The ability to write correct sentences is a concept studied by students of all ages. To succeed academically, students must be able to form complete thoughts and express those ideas in writing. Alt... Read More »

Activities & Lessons for Non-Fictional Writing & Reading?

Much of the material written by students during their educational career involves non-fiction reading and writing. The reading material may include information in textbooks, periodicals, books and ... Read More »

Art Writing Lessons?

Students sometimes cannot complete requests to write with greater detail because they lack the images or mind-pictures that would help them to write more descriptively. However, when you connect ar... Read More »

About Descriptive Writing Lessons?

As students build their writing skills, they commonly explore an assortment of different writing types. One of the most potentially powerful of the writing modes students study is descriptive writi... Read More »