Wrist slit.! Help?

Answer look i usually wear sweatbands or just bracelets i have a slite idea tht u havent slit ur wrist because u would say "slit" would you?i dunno i were sweatbandsi did but then i stopped now i am back ... Read More »

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What happens if you slit your wrist Can the vessel be repaired?

Yes dont it hurts REALLY F'ng bad and you will have a defective arm because you cut through tendons and muscles.

Can a buckle fracture of the wrist cause damage to the growth plate in the wrist?

Do you wear your wrist watch on your right or your left wrist?

I am a male. i wear my watch on my right wrist.

Should I buy a wrist brace for my wrist sprain?

it wont hurt and if you get a one size fits all it will keep for future use if needed