Wrist slit.! Help?

Answer look i usually wear sweatbands or just bracelets i have a slite idea tht u havent slit ur wrist because u would say "slit" would you?i dunno i were sweatbandsi did but then i stopped now i am back ... Read More »

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What happens if you slit your wrist Can the vessel be repaired?

Yes dont it hurts REALLY F'ng bad and you will have a defective arm because you cut through tendons and muscles.

I have a slit in my incisive papilla, do i need any procedures for this Help!?

The incisive papilla will heal over time. It will take longer if you continue to "play" with it. You really don't want to have your papilla removed as this will later cause aesthetic problems. It w... Read More »

HELP!! A bully said if I don't break or sprain my wrist he'll hurt me! HELP!!?

Bully's are simply cowards in disguise. Stand your ground -- never let anyone bully you.

How to break my wrist NOW!!! help me !!?

Put your hand palm down on the edge of the arm of your chair or sofa or whatever so your wrist is facing away from the chair, then jump and put all your weight forward on your hand, should break it... Read More »