Wrist popped, help me out please?

Answer You probably dislocated it or popped it out of place. The only thing doctors can do is pop it back in place. You can do that on your own,or have somebody do it but be careful and tell the person no... Read More »

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Any dentists out there! My jaw popped while i yawned, help on fixing this please?

That happens a lot to me too. It usually goes back to normal on its own, but you can try shift it around a little to maybe pop it back into place. It mightve been how you sleep, it couldve slipped ... Read More »

Popped a bump near base of Penis Shaft, Clear Puss came out PLEASE HELP?

probably just a hair bump. the hair can irritate the hair follicle and become inflamed and irritated. Clear puss is a good thing. If it was green or yellow then you should be worried. Herpes bumps ... Read More »

Did i break my wrist Please help?

You may have just bruised it, if you start to get into a lot of pain go and see your GP.

How can i break my wrist please help?

Mate, before I tell you the way to break your hand, it is really painful. Even the doctors feel that pain.That's how much it's going to affect you. Now, I've broken my leg (shin bone) by jumping do... Read More »