Wrist pain after a month?

Answer CHances are good you have a bit of tendinitis. It takes a long long time to get better, especially if you don't treat it, and continue to stress the tendon. You didn't break it--if you had, you wou... Read More »

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Wrist pain/?

I'd wondered if I'd see you again before I left here, because I've seen at you R & P before. I remembered you being a Christian guy like myself if I remember right too. Anyway to get to my point, s... Read More »

Pain in my right wrist?

Believe me, it is never stupid to go to a doctor.Even for a small thing, doctor are there to help you and he will tell you how to take care of your wrist.don't worry and go to talk with your doctor... Read More »

Pain in wrist when pushing?

This sounds like a typical sprain, they are often more painful than a break and take just as long to heal properly. Try not to use that hand for any more strenuous activity, and when you don't need... Read More »

Pain in wrist after writing?

My wrist hurts sometimes too, try wearing a wrist brace that will keep your wrist straight and supported to reduce pain in the muscles/nerves. I got one for pretty cheap at CVS.