Wrinkle Cures?

Answer Wrinkle cures consist of either invasive methods such as plastic surgery, botox injections or glycolic acid peels; or non-invasive methods including creams and lotions to bring nutrients to the ski... Read More »

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Anti-Wrinkle Cures?

Overexposure to sun can form and deepen wrinkles on the skin. Environmental pollution, stress and excessive weight loss are causes of dry, rough and wrinkled skin, as well. Wrinkles are a part of t... Read More »

Under Eye Wrinkle Remedies?

An aging body produces less collagen, which in turn results in more wrinkles. Under eye wrinkles can age you beyond your years. With proper daily water intake, rest and healthy diet you can minimi... Read More »

Why Does Skin Wrinkle When Wet?

When you have been soaking in the bath, shower, or swimming pool for a long time, your skin may resemble a shrunken and shriveled raisin, but the opposite reaction has actually taken place to what ... Read More »

The Best Wrinkle Reducer?

Countless skin care products promise the moon in terms of wrinkle reduction and prevention. A few of the better ones are discussed here, though keep in mind that results with these products will no... Read More »