Wrapping Your Hair to Make it Straight?

Answer Many women will wrap their hair at night to keep their hair looking silky smooth and straight all day long. Even with chemically straightened hair, sleeping can cause creases, kinks and curls. When... Read More »

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Does Wrapping Your Hair Make it Grow?

Hair wraps are fun, decorative and exotic. They can add flair to your look, or show that you had a great time on your beach vacation. As funky and popular as they are, there's one thing wraps can't... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Straight at a Salon?

Get your hair styled exactly the way you want it when you visit a salon by communicating effectively with the stylist. Whether this is your first trip to the salon or you are having your hair strai... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Straight During the Day?

Many women spend a great deal of time straightening their hair each morning only to have it frizz and curl again by lunchtime. This can be extremely frustrating and you may be tempted to give up an... Read More »

Tips to Make Your Hair Pin-Straight?

Straight hair is sleek and professional. For people with curly or coarse hair, getting pin-straight hair can be a challenging and involves a lot of work. If the hair is wavy or close to straight, i... Read More »