Wrangler Windshield Glass Replacement Instructions?

Answer Automotive windshields provide protection from the elements while driving and a clear view of the road ahead. Road hazards from flying debris and rocks bounce off the road and break the glass into ... Read More »

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DIY Replacement of Windshield Glass?

If you need to replace the windshield glass in your vehicle, this will take at least two people. Also, the exact shape and size of the glass you need will vary, and some precise steps in the replac... Read More »

Windshield Installation Instructions for a Jeep Wrangler?

A Jeep Wrangler's windshield consists of the frame, glass and a windshield gasket. Installing a replacement windshield in a Jeep can be difficult. The windshield gasket has a very tight fit and is ... Read More »

Fiero Windshield Replacement Instructions?

Because the Fiero sits low to the ground, it is prone to chips from rocks being flung from the tires of SUVs and trucks. Small chips and cracks may not look dangerous, but they can quickly spread a... Read More »

Instructions for Auto Windshield Replacement?

Replacing a car windshield, with the help of a buddy, can be inexpensive and very easy. Make sure you have ordered the correct size of glass for your windshield replacement.