Wow do some vegans really think their diet makes them more healthy than?

Answer Many vegans (and vegetarians) are genuinely sincere is believing their diet is healthier. They were unhealthy meat eaters but became more diligent when they turned vegan so they became healthier. ... Read More »

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What is a healthy, balanced diet for Vegans?

Here's what you need to eat. Please make a note of the pulses and vegetables which I've mentioned.You need to make sure you eat pulses at least three times a week and fruits and vegetables everyda... Read More »

How do vegans keep themselves healthy?

Do vegans understand that bambi's die because of their diet?

I understand your point. Animals do get killed in many different ways. I think vegetarians for the most part are against the unethical treatment of animals. They are caged up and treated horribl... Read More »

Beginning a vegan diet, any help or tips (Vegans please)?

have you heard of the book veginomicon? it helped me tons on how to start, recipes and what i should and shouldn't have in the pantry/cupboards/ and fridge. i loved that book when i was a vegan. i ... Read More »