Wound turning pink is this good or bad?

Answer I think you gave your wound sunburn. As a wound heals, it is more sensitive skin than normal. If it gets red and inflamed or oozy you've got an infection. Otherwise just keep using the ointment and... Read More »

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My White Roses Are Turning Pink?

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My Pink Flamingo Lily Leaves Are Turning Brown?

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I just moved in the apartment. the bathroom is all pink:tiles, toilet, sink. what color rug is good with pink?

I am7 weeks prego all good so far had a US at 6wks looked great saw the heartbeat i went to the b-room 2night wiped and discharge was lil pink no spotting or cramps went again no pink should i worry?

A trained medical professional should check you out. Maybe it's fine, maybe it's not. You do need to go to the doctor to find out.