Wound turning pink is this good or bad?

Answer I think you gave your wound sunburn. As a wound heals, it is more sensitive skin than normal. If it gets red and inflamed or oozy you've got an infection. Otherwise just keep using the ointment and... Read More »

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My White Roses Are Turning Pink?

White roses blossoms have long symbolized purity and innocence. White roses in the home garden can brighten a border and tie other colors together. Isolating a pure white color in any flower is dif... Read More »

I hav'nt got pink hair, I tell you it's not pink. Is this a question?

Had to post this again because no one helped!! Why won't my pink eye go away! Is it even pink eye?

What you should do is stop whining and go see a dr. And do you really need to be told that? Any reason you can't put "pink eye" into Google? Nobody owes you an answer and are you really so dim ... Read More »

My Pink Flamingo Lily Leaves Are Turning Brown?

Pink flamingo lilies are bright pink lilies that grow in tropical environments. The leaves of the anthurium, as flamingo lilies are also known, are dark green and heart-shaped; if the leaves of the... Read More »