Wouldn't reading white text on black background be better for the eyes?

Answer I remember in early grade school we had black chalk boards with white chalk.Then in the mid-60s they upgraded to green boards and yellow chalk because it was easier on the eyes.These days they see... Read More »

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If i have colored ink only and want to print a black and white text will it come out black and white?

It depends. The answer is Yes if the printer doesn't normally have a black ink cartridge. If it normally does have one it will probably not be black and white.Just a quick why. Some printers mak... Read More »

Wikipedia Black - would black page with white letters be better for reading ?

I would say in some cases yes. Just as long as its not a pure white, like off white. Because with pure white you would be straining your eyes to read the text and that would hurt obviously.

How come i see very small little white spots when im reading its like i cant focus eyes on words?

Sounds like something to see an opthamologist (or at the very least, an optometrist) about...

How to Change a Black Background in a Word Document to White?

Many people like to change the background or text color on their Word documents to make them more unique or to make them stand out. However, if you're looking to make a more professional document, ... Read More »