Would you work at a place where they serve products with human flesh in it?

Answer Don't work anywhere if you don't want to. No one is forcing you to. As for the reasons why not, they are your reasons and they only have to make sense to you. Just don't expect others to think the ... Read More »

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In places where people eat with their hands, do they have to serve food at room temperature?

depends on the foodmany have forms of bread or other material to hold hot food away from their skin while eatingnaan, pita, tortillas, etc are all examples of these.

Have 128mb ram. Would additional RAM make my PC work faster/better, if so where is best place to buy from?

Windows ME is unsupported these days, so note that you won't get any security updates even if they're needed.More RAM may well do you good, as would removing everything you don't use (especially st... Read More »

Speedlight Sb600 flesh work with nikon d90 camera with 18 to 105 lance?

ifNikon d90 digital slr camera on auto mode can we use flesh sb600 on this mode or only manual mode

Would they serve vegetarian food?

It is quite possible that they have some Vegetarian meals, most seem to now, but it would pay to ring first if it will be a problem.Chetak