Would you wear your facebook status update on a T-shirt?

Answer I think it's a great idea. My status changes a lot too, but sometimes I make a really funny one--and I would totally wear it on a t-shirt. Especially with a matching profile photo. No one else woul... Read More »

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How to: update your facebook status via gameboy color, microwave oven, calculator, and other funny things!?

you, mister, have made my day +1000internets to you

Does your opinion of people go down when they update their Facebook status every 5 minutes?

I cannot say that it goes “down” but I do wonder why they are not at work, not educating themselves, not at a movie with their friends, not spending time with their family, not taking their dog... Read More »

How do i add the new Facebook emoticon status update option?

there is nothing you can do to add it - facebook will give it to you when they are ready - not everyone has it yetbut maybe you do already have it and just dont realize how to use it yet... read th... Read More »

How can i get the emotion icon on my status update on facebook?

It comes in both app and desktop. It automatically updated by Facebook