Would you use Wikipedia if it used advertisements to generate money?

Answer No. Wikipedia would remain the same pit of agony, dysfunction and disinformation that it is today, but with advertisements. On the plus side, the annoying donation banners with creepy photos woul... Read More »

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How does wikipedia survive without advertisements and money What is source of it's income?

It survives on donations from gullible people. The Wikimedia Foundation raises several million dollars each year, even though one million dollars would be quite enough to keep the website running a... Read More »

Why do i have advertisements on wikipedia?

Maybe you unintentionally approved adware on your computer.I've been randomly clicking around some Wikipedia articles and I'm not seeing any ads on any of them, not even those annoying ads with Jim... Read More »

Would you still use wikipedia if they put advertisements on the website?

I would not because instead of it feeling like a community information site, it would feel like a commercial company site.I hope they never put ads up in wikipedia!

How does wikipedia stay online if it doesn't have any advertisements?

Because lots of people donate to it.Every year they ask for more and more money, even though maintenance costs have barely increased and they have enough stashed away in a bank account to keep it r... Read More »