Would you try this sandwhich (my idea)?

Answer I wouldn't change a thing. I'm sure some people would like mayonnaise instead of ranch though.

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Would this be a good idea?

As long as they dont find out whos behind it. My friend did that and people were wondering for months but eventually found out and he was humiliated, i guess.

Lebanon: Would this idea save our economy ?

Ya 7abibti, ne7na l libnaniyi shatreen bas bil na2 w 7aki lfadi. Law badel am ne7ki mnishti8il sawa tan7assen Hal balad mn8ayyer kteeeeeer.First, if each village could at least contribute sa77aret ... Read More »

Would this be a good idea for a tattoo (first)?

Any idea why this meat eater would feel the need to call themselves a vegetarian?

I wish it were an alternate universe. It was a strange coming together of events last night.She first posted a question asking people what they think "vegetarian" means, got several answers equati... Read More »