Would you try these Egg dishes?

Answer i wouldnt eat 1 or 2 because i dont like fried beans or sour cream. and eggs with avocado just sounds a little weird for me. is the bq supposed to be bbq? becuase i would def eat bbq grilled vege a... Read More »

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Many websites say that a typical Korean meal consists of rice, soup and side dishes. Why no main dishes?

It goes to a different style of eating. The rice serves as the base of each bite. You can add a tiny bit of each side dish or just one tiny bit of a side dish to get the taste combination you want... Read More »

Dishes with saffron Mainly chicken dishes.?

Lol..I wish i just could take some for you. But try these with Saffron Risotto, saffron biryani rice, saffron chicken, saffron sweet bread etc.. all these recipes are available in Web. You just hav... Read More »

Anyone up for rating Pasta Dishes On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the following Pasta dishes from this ->?

Hey Scooter, awesome list ;)1) Spaghetti & Meatballs - 10/102) Ziti - 9/103) Lasagna (Meat) - 10/104) Vegetable Lasagna - 8/105) Stuffed Shells - 7/106) Spaghetti with Garlic & Oil ... Read More »

Do men know how to do dishes?

Men know how to do dishes.Maybe they just doesn't feel like doing them. I know I don't.