Would you try eating snails?

Answer They're ok. Had them in garlic butter.My moto..... Try eating any food at least once.I must admit though I found jelly fish and mopame worm pretty disgusting.

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Snails keep eating my strawberries, help!?

This may sound completely daft but after listening to all the elderly people i know i have learnt a few tricks regarding slugs and snails.If you crush egg shells and scatter them around your strawb... Read More »

Is there anyway of stopping the slugs and snails eating my lettuces with out killing them?

I gleaned this from another site. Hopefully some of these will work for you:--------------------------------------…Weed Patrol: Be persistent in hoeing weeds and you will be breaking up clods of... Read More »

So sick of all the snails eating all my plants that I got my revenge today, Guess what I did?

Made them crawl over lines of salt to get to the beer you left out for them?Fried them in garlic for supper?Squeezed the juice out of them to water your plants?Smoked them?Had a slug racing derby?S... Read More »

Any ideas how to stop slugs and snails eating plants Humanely though please?

One way is to use pie plates filled with beer or other fermented beverage--the slugs are attracted to the smell, climb into the pie plate, and drown. Or you can try eggshells. They work excellent ... Read More »