Would you trust me with your kid?

Answer (1) Nope(2) Yepseriously, you seem harmless really :)(now take your thumbs down back!)okay thanks for the thumbs up ;)

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Would you trust me to run wild in your home furnishings?

WELL SWEETIE, where else would I keepyou for Heaven's sake..In a barn..??I think not..!!

Egypt: Do you think that MB would gain more trust with time ?

Have you ever read the MB credo?Once they gain enough power, theyintend to impose Sharia law and destroy Israel.

How do you know who to trust with your children?

Answer Let me answer that with a question. Who would you trust with your most valuable posession? Or better yet, who would you trust with your life.Now I want to take my kids out of public school.

Can a revocable trust to be transferred to your spouse's revocable trust after your death?

Yes, you may name your spouse's revocable trust as the beneficiary of your revocable trust in your declaration of trust document. Another option would be to establish a joint trust, which may be st... Read More »