Would you trust Wikipedia to study from... for a test?

Answer Absolutely not. It has too many errors.It is useful as a starting point for research, but very much not definitive.

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Would you trust wikipedia?

Use it only as a guide, it is NOT an accepted source for academic papers at many institutions. While the information is generally accurate, I'd suggest scrolling down to the bottom where they list ... Read More »

How long will it take for the PRJ study to correct the perception of Wikipedia from the biased Nature study?

A long, long time in my opinion. It is more likely that the knee-jerk reaction at Wikipedia will be to simply delete all questionable articles, rather than correct them, sigh...Take for example the... Read More »

Do you rate Wikipedia Would you trust all the information you see on there?

I do like it as a way of getting a 'foot in the door' of a subject but seriously question the wisdom of relying on collective ignorance or subjective opinion masquerading as fact. Given the level ... Read More »

Do you trust the information from Wikipedia?

An expansive and systematic study of all of the edits made for one calendar quarter (late 2007) on Wikipedia's 100 articles about the hundred U.S. senators showed that the content in those articles... Read More »