Would you swap both your feet for the ability to fly?

Answer Considering I don't walk now, yes!

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If you had to be on the tv show "Wife Swap" who would they pick to swap w/ you?

OHH! Fun question! I watch that show all the time during naptime on the dvr...Uhm, lets see.Opposite of me would be like a super conservative (meet the duggers type), she would be a clean freak, h... Read More »

How much dirt would be in a hole that is two feet wide by two feet long by three feet deep?

This is a typical trick question with an answer of zero. No dirt would be in a hole of any size, since a hole is defined as an empty space in the ground. The amount of dirt to fill such a hole, how... Read More »

Is there an guitar pedal that features both distortion and the ability to loop?

This one does both: probably are others too. You will have to check the features on each one.:…Looping pedals:http... Read More »

Would you swap three lenses for the Canon 24-70 2.8L?

I have that lens, and it would be such a perfect lens for you, if you are not willing to carry anything else (at 2 pounds, your camera will tip over)--however, it's not that wide at all for your ca... Read More »