Would you still use wikipedia if they put advertisements on the website?

Answer I would not because instead of it feeling like a community information site, it would feel like a commercial company site.I hope they never put ads up in wikipedia!

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Would you use Wikipedia if it used advertisements to generate money?

No. Wikipedia would remain the same pit of agony, dysfunction and disinformation that it is today, but with advertisements. On the plus side, the annoying donation banners with creepy photos woul... Read More »

Why do i have advertisements on wikipedia?

Maybe you unintentionally approved adware on your computer.I've been randomly clicking around some Wikipedia articles and I'm not seeing any ads on any of them, not even those annoying ads with Jim... Read More »

Is Wikipedia website is trust website or not It's all information in Wikipedia is believable one or not?

I think it is about 99% or so accurate. It is a compilation of people editing and checking of reference sources. There could be some error lines or things in dispute listed as factual. Almost not... Read More »

If I use a website to compress my videos will they still be in the same quality?

Well by compressing videos your video quality won't be the same as previous. But there are some apps which can help you converting movies in small size with LESS-LOSS of the quality of video. I don... Read More »