Would you still leave a tip at a fine restaurant after receiving crummy service?

Answer From an experienced ex-pro-waiter:Leave 5 - 10% on the credit card, they can find it later after you call and read the tiny notes you can write on it! More importantly speak to the General Manager... Read More »

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Have you ever had service at a restaurant so bad you didn't leave a tip?

oh yea my sister was the waitress too but we had to leave her a tip but she was TERRIBLE!!!!! she kicked me and she wouldnt fill my drinks and she SPIT in my food!!!!!!!!!!!!! when she got hom i... Read More »

Can you get arressted if you do not leave a tip after eating at a restaurant?

Yes, if the resturant bills it as a "service charge".Other than that no, it is just expected, but not a law.

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If you were at a restaurant and all they served was Pepsi, would you leave?

I would definitely leave, because I can't decide ! Hmmmm, which tastes better Coke or Pepsi ???Has anyone ever asked that question on Yahoo answers ??You make me laugh !!!! ;)So far you have 24 an... Read More »