Would you still get as much water if you just drank juice?

Answer you really should drink some plain watertry water with a little sliced fruit or cucumber & a pinch of sugar

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I drank some water out of a glass that a cat drank put this dangerous?

yeah my brother did that and he grew a tail

I just drank Guava Juice and I have to go to the washroom right after?

your body probably wasn't used to it. try not to drink so much next time.

Took laxatives and drank prune juice!?

Eliminating a large backlog or buildup in the colon is a normal reaction.

If I drank vodka without juice would the alcohol hit me faster?

The thing about the orange juice is that it masks some of the vodka taste so you don't really notice until it's too late, but with the vodka straight up you realize quicker. However diluting it cou... Read More »