Would you still get as much water if you just drank juice?

Answer you really should drink some plain watertry water with a little sliced fruit or cucumber & a pinch of sugar

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What would happen if i fasted and just drank water and green tea?

If I add all natural fruit juice to water, would the water still have all the same health benefits?

Your body will need to use water to digest the sugar and other materials in the juice so no, not really. You would need to drink more water to offset that.

How much weight will i loose if i didnt eat and just drank water for 2 weeks?

Don't drink coffee. There's sugar in it that will not help you lose weight. Regardless, you DON'T need to do that. I don't know how stones convert into pounds, but anyway, you're losing 40% of your... Read More »

I just drank Guava Juice and I have to go to the washroom right after?

your body probably wasn't used to it. try not to drink so much next time.