Would you still bother?

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If you had all these symptoms would you bother?

woah! i kinda feel sorry for u. i really duno. rather than thinking about all the stuff u have try n do things which u enjoy so stop smoking n enjoy what u have left rather than sayin theres no poi... Read More »

Does this bother you as well Why do people seem to think if you are a veggie you can still eat fish?

Because there are a lot of 'vegetarians' who do eat fish! For us non veggies it can be difficult to find something to cook for vegetarians -fish just widens the options! Don't be upset by it, jus... Read More »

Would it bother you if someone was breastfeeding openly at a busy restaurant?

the breastfeeding itself wouldn't bother me because I can choose not to look but I have to admit I would be thinking to myself how the mother was not very tactful about it and not very considerate ... Read More »

Vegans would it bother you to take a blood transfusion from a non vegan?

OMFG These answers are very insightful on the irrationality of some vegans I officially can not take the things you say seriously.Ha some of you guys are completely mad!I would have no qualms were ... Read More »