Would you seek a second opinion (back pain)?

Answer Yes, get a second opinion.I don't want to go into detail but there is something (back-related) that I am going to have to suffer with for the rest of my life because I waited too long and didn't pu... Read More »

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I keep having a pain under my left breast, which was diagnosed as a trick knee; should I get a second opinion?

Your knee can do "tricks"?!?...It makes me shiver to even think of howthis happened to you!!but with your reputation on the line here...I suggest you get a second opinion...

Has Anybody Experienced Pain With TMJ (jaw joints) Should I Seek Surgery PLZ?

You have a TMJ disorder and the two dental professionals you want to avoid are traditional orthodontic specialists and oral surgeons. Avoid the former because they know the least of all dentists ab... Read More »

Should I get a second opinion?

Should I get a second medical opinion?

I've lived with chronic pain for the last 14 years (broke my back 2x and did other damage). No one should have to live in pain. It sounds like your MD is taking the conservative path. Drugs, phys... Read More »