Would you say that eye brow piercings are for gay people?

Answer Nopes,its for anyone whom likes it!!!

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People who attack people with piercings?

Of course they wouldn't react like that in the real world! I think that people pick on us on here because they can hide behind a computer screen and not have to worry about anyone actually confron... Read More »

What is it people dislike so much about piercings?

I believe that piercings are not part of our social culture. Many of the "piercing" spots that are so hot these days are indicitive of a drug, sex and "carefree" subculture. They are also very un... Read More »

Only for people with tattoos and/or piercings!?

I have my tattoo on the right. For some reason it just felt right there. There are other tattoos I want, and placement is generally on the right.I did want a lip piercing, but I would of put it on ... Read More »

Why do people mutilate their bodies with piercings and tattoos?

Well being a Roman Catholic I have to agree. Why do people put too much on they're wonderfully created bodies? Well I personally like piercings on ears, and the bridge of the nose. Tattoo's, well i... Read More »