Would you say that Wikipedia is a good place to learn about stuff?

Answer Wikipedia, in my opinion is a pretty good reference, but don't use it for a research report or anything similar. the information can be written or edited by anyone, whether you are truly an expert... Read More »

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Other than Wikipedia anyone know of another place to research stuff?

Did you try Google Scholar? It is credible and legit, not like Wikipedia which is a bunch of unconfirmed information.

Where is a good place to hide your period stuff?

Maybe in a drawer in your room or under the sink in the bathroom. Definitely somewhere someone won't look.

Where is a good place to find kitchen stuff?

The best resources for my kitchen stuff (and I own a catering business) have been TJ MAXX and/or Marshall's...and also if you can find an outlet mall. We have a GREAT Pfaltzgraff outlet. Next doo... Read More »

Good place to learn HTML?

yeah, w3schools is good but there's another side to it :http://w3fools.combut I wouldn't necessarily take it too seriously. Google "learn HTML" and first page, second page, even 92nd page of result... Read More »