Would you reward this student?

Answer Nope. He is at least 4, and that is the age where children can start differing right, from wrong, and it is crucial to teach them at this age.If he can't obey instructions, and do the things he is ... Read More »

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Student Reward Programs?

Effective classroom management is essential to good teaching, according to education researcher Robert Marzano. Extrinsic incentives for positive prosocial behaviors originate with the behaviorists... Read More »

Would this be a good laptop for a college student?

The Lenovo S10's a netbook, so if you're using it for college you'd better have small hands because that keyboard will get real cramped real fast (unless you buy an external one when writing long p... Read More »

What would happen with my private student loan if I transfer this way?

The answer to this question is contained in the promissory note that you signed when you applied for this loan. Every loan is different, so no one can answer this question with 100% confidence.Gene... Read More »

What paint colors would compliment the furniture in this student lounge room, and be conducive for relaxing?

You know I prefer lighter to medium shades of blue for the walls ;-)) Very soothing even for long durations.However, since gray is the predominant 'motif', I would go with lighter shades of yellow ... Read More »