Would you recommend buying HP or Brothers printer?

Answer go HPThe cartridges are cheap and if you like you can use remanufactured tonerBrother drums are costly

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Would you recommend me a buying a sound bar?

Yes For a small room you would be better off buying a Soundbar since a HTIB is not worth the money and you don't really need a full system in a bedroom. But you don't need speakers for a soundbar, ... Read More »

Would anyone recommend buying an HDNA Sony TV?

You mean BRAVIA tv. HDNA is just an advertising campaign for Sony BRAVIAs. I have one, (W400 aka W4100 or W4000 in other countries. The colors are brilliant, but the reds are weak. Its pin sharpnes... Read More »

What sort of camera do you recommend buying for under 300$?

I would recommend Canon A2000 IS.- 10 megapixels- 6x optical zoom- image stabilization- 3" LCD

What's the point of buying new printer cartridges when you can just buy another printer...?

You frequently do not get full sized cartridges with printers but only partly-filled "starter" cartridges.In any case, the printers that are cheaper than their cartridges are inevitably at the lowe... Read More »