Would you recommend Diamond Naturals dog food?

Answer On One Hand: It's A Well-Balanced Dog FoodLike humans, dogs are omnivores and require a variety of vitamins and nutrients to thrive. Diamond Naturals dog food contains all the essential diet elemen... Read More »

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Can i take Irwin Naturals, Ginkgo Smart, Maximum Focus & Memory and Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega D3?

u can take either one or two soft-gels of the irwin naturals products,now lets say u take two, that is almost 900 mg fish oil, but take note that the omega 3 is only 30% of the fish oil , or just a... Read More »

How good is Purina Naturals cat food?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsPurina Naturals cat food exceeds the minimum amounts of protein and fat required in nutritious cat foods. Purina Naturals also includes vitamin A and taurine, two nu... Read More »

Is Solid Gold dog food manufactured by Diamond Pet Food?

Despite their similar names, the Solid Gold and Diamond dog food companies are unrelated. Solid Gold Health Products For Pets, Inc, a holistic pet food company, was founded in 1974 by Sissy Harring... Read More »

What dog food does diamond make?

Diamond Pet Foods, a company based in Missouri, makes many kinds of dog food. Diamond makes both dry food and canned "wet" food. Dog owners can also choose to feed their dogs Diamond Naturals, a ... Read More »