Would you rather eat pancakes at home, or eat them at IHOP (expensive)?

Answer I eat there when it's after the normal hours of most restaurants closing -- and I never eat their pancakes.Why pay $10 for something that I can make at home for free?Seriously! Buy a $10 bag of pa... Read More »

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Would you rather eat at IHOP or Subways?

I would prefer IHOP. I wish I had one in my little town.

Can i sue IHOP if they gave me pecan pancakes and I'm allergic to nuts and i ordered blueberry pancakes?

how did they know you are allergic to nutsyou should check your food every time you get it to make sureall they can do is give you a free next visit

Would you rather eat pancakes, French toast, or waffles?

Would you rather eat meat flavoured pancakes or banana ones?