Would you rather eat pancakes at home, or eat them at IHOP (expensive)?

Answer I eat there when it's after the normal hours of most restaurants closing -- and I never eat their pancakes.Why pay $10 for something that I can make at home for free?Seriously! Buy a $10 bag of pa... Read More »

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Can i sue IHOP if they gave me pecan pancakes and I'm allergic to nuts and i ordered blueberry pancakes?

how did they know you are allergic to nutsyou should check your food every time you get it to make sureall they can do is give you a free next visit

Has anyone tried red velvet pancakes at ihop?

Yes !! Very Yummy !! Very Rich and over the top flavor and color !!! We are in the Midwest and the I-Hop's around here are all excellent,especially for breakfast. These are very filling and "sti... Read More »

New red velvet pancakes from Ihop?

They are absolutely dreadful for you, which means they are absolutely delicious.

What are better at IHOP, their pancakes or their waffles?

Its been a long time since Ive eaten at one. I like to cook at home.