Would you rather eat at IHOP or Subways?

Answer I would prefer IHOP. I wish I had one in my little town.

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Question about building subways?

Adding to the other good answers, as has been mentioned, New York sits on solid rock, which is one of the reasons that it was a pioneer in building skyscraper buildings (once the elevator had been ... Read More »

Why does the subways 3rd rail spark?

It is because there are bits of dirt and grease on the 3rd rail which cause a momentary break in contact. The current tries to jump over the gap, hence the spark. Also breaks in the 3rd rail over c... Read More »

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Negative Things About New York City Subways?

The United States is far behind other parts of the world, such as Europe, when it comes to public transportation options, but the New York City subway system is an exception, as it is one of the mo... Read More »