Would you rather eat at IHOP or Subways?

Answer I would prefer IHOP. I wish I had one in my little town.

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Would you rather eat pancakes at home, or eat them at IHOP (expensive)?

I eat there when it's after the normal hours of most restaurants closing -- and I never eat their pancakes.Why pay $10 for something that I can make at home for free?Seriously! Buy a $10 bag of pa... Read More »

Would ihop accept me Im 15?

Unlikely.You could try for a work permit from your school, but I don't think Applebees is the kind of companythat would allow that. McDonalds or BK far more likely--

Would ihop be appropriate for a breakfast date?

it depends what kind of date ! ihop is like a casual place

Would i be able to work at ihop with working papers from the school?

There's only one way to find out, call the individual IHOP you wish to work at, my hunch is no, because they are the busiest at Breakfast.--