Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?

Answer I'd rather freeze to death. You just fall asleep before you die. That's how I'd like to go.

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Can bedbugs freeze to death?

Bed bugs can be frozen by relocating affected clothing or bedclothes into a large freezer. The temperature should be minus 26 degrees F and you should leave the items in the freezer for several day... Read More »

Michael Jackson's death worst celebrity death since John Lennon?

yes because the world loved them both RIP

How long after the death of a person in Florida do you have to wait to get a death certificate?

Florida residents can order or request a death certificate immediately after a person's death. The time it takes to receive the certificate depends on the processing speed and postal transit time.S... Read More »

Was media wrong to call Texas swine flu death, 1st US death?

I think it should not be counted as a U.S death