Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?

Answer I'd rather freeze to death. You just fall asleep before you die. That's how I'd like to go.

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Can bedbugs freeze to death?

Bed bugs can be frozen by relocating affected clothing or bedclothes into a large freezer. The temperature should be minus 26 degrees F and you should leave the items in the freezer for several day... Read More »

Michael Jackson's death worst celebrity death since John Lennon?

yes because the world loved them both RIP

Ignorantly, US Pres. Barack Obama has referred to Auschwitz as a "Polish death camp" instead of a"German death?

Whether you describe it by who operated it or by where it was, people know what he's talking about. And technically, "Polish Death Camp" is probably the most accurate descriptive term for Auschwit... Read More »

Was media wrong to call Texas swine flu death, 1st US death?

I think it should not be counted as a U.S death