Would you preform CPR on a "suspected" AIDS patient (or stranger)?

Answer You should always practice universal precautions. That means protecting yourself. It's a good idea to have your CPR certification up to date, that way you stay abreast of the latest recommendations.

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If a mosquito sucks blood from a person that has AIDS and then bites someone else, would you get AIDS.....?

Yes, unfortunately... They don't want to scare the public with that information but definitely yes...However they usually stay very close to their source of water they were born in, and live a shor... Read More »

The Medical Management for a Patient Diagnosed With AIDS?

A patient diagnosed with AIDS has a lifelong condition that will go through various phases. Healthcare professionals and patients must take an active role in managing the disease. Although there is... Read More »

What steps would you take if you suspected your Y!A account had been hacked into?

Run a complete security scan on your system & see if anything turns up (that could take awhile depending on your system).If that's all clear, change your p/w & add security questions.If any funky p... Read More »

Would it bother your narcissistic spouse if the relationship ended due to suspected child sexual abuse?

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