Would you please do me a small favour?

Answer Hi Bob Hope yo get this and get it sorted outpeace

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Can I ask you guys a favour....?

oh wow...i'm sorry to hear this hun. D: it breaks my heart. i'll absolutely keep him in my thoughts and prayers! i know what thats like. i've lost so many loved ones. i almost lost my life. luckily... Read More »

Do consumers favour gas or electric ovens?

I personally favor cooking with gas. You can regulate the heat easier because you can see the flame. Gas also gives a more even heat especially if your pan is not perfectly flat. When a pan gets ol... Read More »

Is wikipeadia in favour of SOPA and PIPA ?

No, they participated in the boycott yesterday.

Is the actor who plays Mr favour in rawhide still alive?

No he drowned shortly after leaving the TV series Rawhide while filming a scene in Peru.