Would you pay $600 for HD dvd rewriter drive so you can burn HD dvd movies?


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How do I burn movies from a hard drive to a DVD?

Start your DVD authoring software, such as Ulead DVD Factory or DVD Styler. Go to the "File" menu and choose "Import" or a similar option. Browse to the movie file and select it. Make any setting ... Read More »

How can i burn movies if my computer doesnt have a dvd drive?

Just put in a cd and hope really hard that it'll work!You obviously can't. Think they have dvd drive attachments that you can buy and connect to your current computer (through a usb port?). Other t... Read More »

Where can i watch movies for free online and can i buy movies of of itunes and burn them to a disc for my TV?

Here are 25 of the best websites for free movies;…

What kinds of Cd's do you burn movies on Do you have to have a DVD+r burner to burn a movie?

I recommend that you use DVD+ or - R (or RW) disks. Saving them on DVDs instead of CDs has two advantages.First, DVD disks can hold 5 to 12 times more data than CDs. What's good about that is you d... Read More »