Would you order the cheapest or dearest meal if out on a first date?

Answer depends on whether I think I'd want a 2nd date! Ordering the most expensive doesn't make you look very generous, especially if you're not offering to pay half. When my now hubby and I wen... Read More »

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What's the cheapest, quickest meal to make that's delicious?

MAGDALINAS VALENTINE CHICKEN4 boneless skinless chicken breast2 cans Campbell's condensed golden cream of mushroom soup1/4 chopped yellow onionmilk (1) one soup can's amountflour seasoned with garl... Read More »

Will i be able to order a vegetarian meal here?

How to Order a Meal at the McDonald's Drive Thru?

McDonald's meals sure are good. But if you don't know how to order at the drive-thru, how will you get one? Many families don't have time to go inside to order, so drive thru's are essential.

I'm going for an indian meal tonight. any suggestionson what i can order?

The best way to eat chicken is tandoori chicken, or of you prefer it off the bone, chicken tikka.Order some raitha, which is a cold yoghurt dish, and helps in case you get something too spicy - tas... Read More »