Would you mind if I breathed on your screen, then wrote my name?

Answer No go needs a good clean!

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Breathed in petrol will i die?

You will die one day but not yet and not because you smelled petrol.Some vehicles have faults that allow them to release a little petrol vapour and it can be quite powerful but not harmful.

Breathed in petrol or not?

you might feel a little light headed but that is itmy dad's job was cleaning out and relining the inside of tankers with a rubber coating and he often breathed in petrol fumes they can be very dang... Read More »


Try scribbling over it with a non-permanent marker which will dilute the permanent marker somewhat and wipe. You'll have to do it a few times.

Is it in any way negative to have a full screen game running on one 27 inch screen whilst the second screen?

Cooling has nothing to do with it.You can imagine that it takes a lot of resources for your to computer (especially your videocard) to drive 2 different displays.That is at least, 2 different displ... Read More »