Would you let your son dress as a girl?

Answer Answer Absolutely you should not stifle your sons desires--what does dressing like a girl mean anyway. Girls wear boys clothing and it is ok. So why not let a boy swear girls clothing. What are gi... Read More »

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Who is in the directv commercial dancing in a gold dress and singing what a girl wants what a girl needs?

Who is the girl who blows out the candle on the cake in that Nikon Camera Commercial with Ashton Kutcher - She is the girl with white and black striped dress 10 seconds into the commercial on a yacht?

How to Dress Like a Pin up Girl?

Pin-Ups have always been popular: men want them, women want to be like them. Because of the flawless image pin up girls project, it can seem impossible to make that kind of change on yourself - but... Read More »

How to Dress up a Boy Like a Girl?

Are you bored and feel like dressing up your brother? Is your guy friend looking like he needs a makeover? Welcome to your step by step guide on how to make him look beautiful!