Would you let your parents access your XANGA or MYSPACE?

Answer parents have every right to know what their kids are up too

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Do you think it i appropriate for kids under 13 to have a myspace/facebook/xanga?

nope as at that age they are still 'immature' and can get contact with some pervert...

How do I gain access to a MySpace account?

Go to Click on the "Sign Up" tab on the right side of the screen.Enter your email address, preferred password, full name, date of birth and click on a gender. Click the "Signup Fre... Read More »

Im under 18 and why do parents think myspace is so bad?

Because the media is drilling it into parents heads that there are child molesters and porn infested in myspace and that their kids will meet someone and run away.I had a myspace account and cancle... Read More »

How to Use MySpace Without Your Parents Being Mad?

Using Myspace without parental permission may seem easy, but can end up as a gigantic problem to deal with if you're caught. This article is for 13-16 year olds, because that's the age when they wi... Read More »