Would you let me get a purple streak?

Answer I think you should definately ask, you're at an age now where you start expressing yourself and find your individual identity. The problem with semi-permanent is that you won't achieve a very brigh... Read More »

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How to Streak Hair Using Purple Color Jamz Hair Dye?

Beyond the Zone hair products began production in the mid-1990s. Its semi-permanent hair color line, Color Jamz, has 12 colors. The bright colors featured in the semi-permanent hair color line are ... Read More »

What color streak would olivine give on an unglazed tile?

Minerals are identified by a series of descriptions, like hardness, color, luster, density, and streak. Streak is the color of the powdered mineral, and can best be seen by scraping the sample agai... Read More »

Would purple gloves go well with...?

What about an orange jacket and green jeans also..??jkNot my choice.........But its not the colour of dress or hair that counts but the personality....And u simply rock Goofs!

Who would win barney the purple dinosaur or king dedede?

Logically King Dedede would win, as we have seen him actually attack, where as Barney just sing to kids and tries to educate them