Would you let a muslim dr. be your dr.?

Answer for sure!!!!!!!i have a muslim pulmonologist that has more degrees than any doctor i have ever seen in my life. he is smart, nice, funny, and caring. there are many muslim doctors, and regular ever... Read More »

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Is it possible to be muslim and gay or it's a sin to be muslim and gay you can't be both things?

All the religions are same. they all dont allowed gay.if you are gay and go to church, they will give you dirty looks.but in islam. They are muslim guys who are gay....but when they go to mosq, the... Read More »

Would guantanamo bay be a good holiday destination for me and my Muslim wife?

Would you eat at arab or muslim restaraunt if so have you ever thought you might be funding terror?

You equate Muslim and Arab with terrorism. This is incredibly prejudiced, and if you're an American, you and other prejudiced people are a shame to this country.Did you know that not all terrorists... Read More »

You want to start your own Muslim talk show so you also can help people in need?

Yes. Kate Gosselin was on the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars. Gosselin was partnered with the wildly popular Tony Dovolani. She was voted off April 20, 2010.