Would you judge a vegetarian?

Answer There is abundant literature out there about the health benefits of vegetarianism, aside from the moral and ethical reasons. Since you are all young and healthy they have not yet seen what a lifet... Read More »

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If i'm vegetarian, and I eAT FISH, WOULD I STILL BE A VEGETARIAN? is an animal..vegetarians do not eat animals. Eggs found at the supermarket have never been nor will they ever be embryos since they have never been fertilized.

Would a non-vegetarian go out with a vegetarian?

Some would, as is clearly borne out in the answers you've had so far. However, as a man who has become a vegetarian, then vegan through having a vegetarian girlfriend (now wife) I can say that the... Read More »

Why do people watch judge judy and judge mathis these 'judges' have more personal problems than the litigants.very degrading and mean spirited..the opposite character of what a judge should possess?

Judge Judy expects a direct answer to a direct question & does not tolerate word-games. This would be fine if she was polite and not abusive herself. But she does not respect anyone herself so shou... Read More »

Would you try a pure vegetarian diet if it would lower your blood pressure?

The answer is yes, and I am almost doing it!I suffered from a sudden attack of severe Angina a few years back, and suddenly found I could not walk for longer than ten minutes without feeling sick a... Read More »