Would you join me if I fixed a pot of coffee ?

Answer sure will me another saturday alone. i hate being alone. dont women like good hearted guys anymore. it seems like they dont. dont get me wrong im no saint but i am also a good human being

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Would you join me if I made a pot of "dunkin donuts" coffee?

I'd be happy to join you for cup or two & I love perculated coffee. How about I bring a box of donuts for us to enjoy? Yes. I do like that brand of coffee but my favorite is Kona.

Would you rather have coffee from a Mr Coffee or a percolator?

I like percolated better but don't often do that during the week before work. On days I have to go to work I use the regular coffee pot with the timer set to brew before I wake up so it's ready by... Read More »

A good coffee club to join?

Coffee/Smoothie Cafe. Would fresh coffees & smoothies pull you in off the street, & what would U like &expect?

First good luck to you in your venture...and gathering information...You mentioned young dudes...i don't qualify but used to work in a bookstore/coffeeshop and it was the best job in the world!When... Read More »