Would you have any signs of pregnancy at 9 days?

Answer Answer No this is not very likely as many women don't start experiencing symptoms of pregnancy until a month or so and they have missed a period Hope this helps God Bless!

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Are you pregnant if you're 9 days late and 4 different tests were negative but your breasts have been sore for about 3 days but you don't have any other pregnancy signs?

Answer it is very unlikely that you are pregnant if tests are still showing up negative at that point, however ask your doctor to do a blood test- that should confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

I'm 5 days late and have been trying to have sex for 6 months I'm haveing some signs of pregnancy am you?

Symptoms of Pregnancy missed menstrual period nausea, with or without vomiting food aversions, or food cravings fatigue frequent urination breast changes and breast tenderness new sensitivity or f... Read More »

What pregnancy symptoms would you have 3 days before missed period?

Symptoms can vary from woman to woman, as well as from pregnancy to pregnancy.Usually the first symptom is increased breast sensitivity. You may feel they are a lot heavier/nipples darker/raised lu... Read More »

What are your chances of being pregnant if you had sex 4 to 5 days after your period ended you have been gaining weight and have all the signs of pregnancy but test show neg still no period?

There is always a chance of getting pregnant anytime you have sex.